UK Landline Validation

landlinecheck is an easy to use data cleaning system to test and report on the current status of UK landline telephone numbers.

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Contact Centres

Removing inaccurate and aged data, improving agent morale and increasing conversion rates

CRM Managers

Cleansing landline records for data controllers, database and CRM managers

List Owners

Helping marketing companies ensure the data they provide is accurate and compliant.


landlinecheck works by passively testing telecom networks and exchange equipment to rapidly detect the status of UK telephone lines.

The system is fully Ofcom compliant and offers a quick and reliable way to improve the accuracy of your data leads.

The batch validation process is perfect for cleaning your customer database and helping to identify invalid and aged data.

Improve connectivity rates

Quickly identify dead telephone numbers and numbers that don't accept incoming calls.

Save time and money

Maximise agent talk time, increase conversion rates and save costs.

Data cleaning

Identifies inaccurate numbers and ensures landline data is 100% reliable and fully compliant.


Live Line Status

Discover the current line status to maximise connectivity

Number Intelligence

We return original carrier and location information


Our systems can process over 20k numbers per hour


We offer comprehensive support
via web chat, telephone and email

Easy to Use

User friendly system


landlinecheck is fully secure
and operates over SSL


We offer a variety of ways to access the benefits and utilise the landlinecheck service.

If you have an existing database that needs tidying up then the batch processing tool can check and report on your telephone numbers in minutes.

For clients that wish to integrate the service into web forms or in-house systems the the API offers an easy to implement solution.

We can also tailor our services to our clients' needs, offering a fully managed concierge service to those who would prefer some hands-on assistance.

Web Portal

Our easy to use web portal allows you to process large databases in minutes. Upload your file (Excel/CSV) from your own computer anytime you wish.


Integrate our API into your application or website. Perfect for instant validation of website enquiry forms or data capture applications.


Let us take the load. Simply send us your database and we'll process your file and report results within 24 hours.


Get in touch for custom agency, not for profit and high volume pricing.
Min order value of £10.00+vat applies. All pricing is subject to VAT.
Monthly subscriptions also available - please contact us for a tailored package to meet your requirements.


Up to 10,000 checks
£10.00 per 1,000

£0.01 per check
Batch processing, API or concierge
Credits do not expire
UK Support

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10,000 - 50,000 checks
£8.00 per 1,000

£0.008 per check
Batch processing, API or concierge
Credits do not expire
UK Support

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Over 50,000 checks
£6.00 per 1,000

£0.006 per check
Batch processing, API or concierge
Credits do not expire
UK Support

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